The benefits of smart watch that you need to know

Almost all smart watch are now available with LCD color displays or AMOLED displays that let you see photos, applications and other content in stronger colors and tend to be brighter. The reward is a shorter battery life, although manufacturers of smart watches increase the efficiency of the device.

At first glance, choosing a touchscreen on your smart watch does not seem to worry. However, sometimes it is difficult to refer to the elements on a smaller touchscreen, and some gesture-based surfaces are not intuitive. Wear OS provides a great way to display card-based notifications that you can easily ignore while wiping. However, there is a lot of slippage in deploying applications and other options in the application. The latest updates allow you to change maps with the movement of your wrist.

For the Apple Watch, Apple chose the combined approach, which features a touchscreen and crown button, as well as a digital page on the right. With the crown, you can quickly expand or scroll the content. The screen uses Force Touch, which detects the difference between playing and long press. Pressing the side button gives access to the commonly used application dock.

Design and customization

The best smart watches offer a selection of bracelets and / or the ability to exchange them for third-party options. This is important if you want to customize the look of your device.

Most smart watches now offer many customization options before purchase. For example, you can select ribbon colors and materials, face colors, surfaces, and sizes for watches such as the Moto 360 and the Apple Watch.

Remember, comfort is very important, as is the ease with which you attach a watch to your wrist. We will definitely avoid smart watches with complicated closures that require too much energy to open and close. Fortunately, most new watches use standard buckles.

More and more smart watches show round faces, which makes them more like a traditional watch. The newer ones are thinner and smaller.

Traditional watchmakers also join the Android Wear device, which combines the style of an analog clock with the intelligence of the Google Clock operating system. Movado, Tag Heuer, Emporio Armani and even Louis Vuitton have assembled the intelligent U-car with an innovative device (and a reasonable price).

Every good smart watch reminds you of incoming calls, emails, and text messages with a short buzzing sound on your wrist. So you can secretly check if you need to respond immediately. However, you should also look for the integration of social networks to receive notifications from websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure you can quickly check the latest notifications, even if you lose them the first time you log in. With the Apple Watch you can z. For example, swipe the screen from the top of the screen to display the Notification Center. With Wear OS, you can scroll from the bottom up to see your latest news.


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